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February and March 2007
Schuh window display goes ‘on tour’

QD Plastics used the updated Perspex 'luminous range' to design an eyecatching window display for Schuh London Fasion Week. This display proved so popular that it is now touring Schuh outlets throughout the UK.

September 2000
Perspex Takes it’s place among the stars at Athens Natural History Museum

Ineos Acrylics (PERSPEX), Artis Europe and QD Plastics have announced the completion of a complex design project for the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens. A sectional PERSPEX dome measuring five meters in diameter has been designed, manufactured and installed in a new gallery for the history of the earth and planets. The dome's primary purpose is to function as a 3D projection screen in the main entrance atrium of the new gallery.

Nick Avino, PERSPEX Business Manager, Ineos Acrylics(PERSPEX), commented: "A number of its outstanding qualities made PERSPEX the material of choice for this project. Its smooth, scratch-resistant surface and excellent optical properties make it ideal to project images onto. Its widely renowned durability ensures that the dome will remain at its optimum for many years, requiring little maintenance from the Museum. And, as demonstrated by the magnificent dome itself, the material's ease of fabrication and moulding allows limitless innovation, the potential for creativity goes far beyond other acrylics and traditional materials such as wood or steel."

The main co-coordinator for the project was Arti Europe Ltd, specialists in large-scale signage and production ventures. The design and production of the dome was the responsibility of QD Plastics Ltd, who began by forming thirty-seven individual panels from 8mm thick, cast PERSPEX Clear. These were dry-assembled at QD Plastics' Scottish factory before being dispatched to Athens along with two of the firm's fabricators.

Once in Athens, the dome was assembled on a large rolled and bolted metal framework, which would later be used to mount the finished dome onto the wall of the main atrium. TENSOL cements were used in the assembly of the PERSPEX panels, following which the entire dome was polished inside and out. Finally a special projection screen Vinyl was applied to the full outer surface of the dome in a segmented fashion. The finished dome was then lifted up into position on the museum atrium wall.

A specially developed multi-position camera system was developed by the American company, Sky-Skan, for projecting images onto the dome.

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May 2006
QD products feature in ‘Wallpaper’ magazine

A unique collaboration between Wallpaper magazine, Perspex & Artist Simon Dirkon resulted in a dramatic display of the new 'Perspex Frost' and 'Luminous' range of Perspex sheet.
The table and dining chairs were all constructed by Simon Dirkon's designs and used for a' one off' international photo shoot at Coventry Cathedral.
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October 2006
Another Dome!

Following the success of the Athens Dome, Red Lion Films, commissioned QD to build a 4.85m dome for the forthcoming film “Fred Clause”. The dome was built in our Dumbarton factory and was shipped to London’s Pinewood Studios where QD fabricators assembled and finished the dome ready for filming.
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